Ahad, 16 Mac 2008


Assalamualaikum.....today i want to answer the tag who was sent by Princess Darina....
so i must speaking.....although my english not very fluent but i try...

1)Name two friends starts with letter 'R'.
Ruziana and Rina.....i mean u la
2)Name three friends starts with letter 'A'.
Ain Maisarah, Azlan...and Ainin Sofeya
3)Who makes you feel fall in love with him/her?
Anding Af ang Ming Dao....hahahaha
4)Are you crazy last night?
i don't think so
5)Where you did go yesterday?
walk-walk...and eat air.....hehehehe
6)Who makes you sleepy?
kumpulan XN3......
7)Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend ?[give his/her name].
lots.....but just frendz
8)Are you sure you want to cut your friend's hair?
No coz i don't no how to cut hair
9)If you win and get 123400 Ringgit,what will do to the money?
Umrah.....mayde enough
10)Why you answer and post this tag?
for the princess if not she will kill me....

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